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"GlucoShare is a wonderful product that helps anyone with diabetes become a more effective and successful manager of their condition.

One of the key challenges of living well with diabetes is the need for regular monitoring of one’s blood glucose level. GlucoShare is an incredible tool that not only encourages regular monitoring, it helps create a community that supports regular checking of blood glucose levels. The GlucoShare app is designed for personal goal setting regarding the number of Blood Glucose checks and when they should occur. In addition to helping set goals, it provides a platform to allow others to support the positive behavior of blood glucose checking and has a proprietary reward system for successfully achieving personal goals set by the individual.

Originally started to help parents encourage their children to regularly monitor their blood glucose levels that they could monitor, this product is now used by adults and children to create a community support group that will encourage positive behavior regarding diabetes management.

DYF is excited to see such a great product that reflects one of the core goals of our programs, which is to encourage regular blood glucose checking as part of the daily life of living well with diabetes. Using information from regular checking is critical to maintain blood glucose levels within range, which dramatically reduces the chances of complications from diabetes. DYF encourages those with diabetes to use tools like GlucoShare to help them become the best managers of their diabetes."

"I like GlucoShare because you can get awesome prizes just for testing your blood sugar. All you have to do is put your blood sugar into your phone app after you test and you’re on your way to winning a prize like Madden 2014! Another reason I like it is because my parents are never asking me if I have tested because they can just look at their phones to see it."
– Ryan Maloney

"Yes, I’ll admit it, we’ve resorted to bribery over the years in our effort to have our son take the best step possible for good blood glucose management, i.e. frequent testing. Then we were introduced to the GlucoShare app. GlucoShare provides incentives like merchandise and video games."
– Bill Maloney

"Our son has had diabetes since he was two. Now that he is a teenager, that dialog of asking him for his BG # was getting old. The GlucoShare app makes it easy on us. He enters his number on the app and we can see it on our phone. I think he forgets we are connected in this way."
– Annette Maloney

Dear Gluco-Share,

I wanted to write a short note of thanks and to tell you how Gluco-Share has positively impacted my son George’s life as well. George was diagnosed with T1D at 8 years old. We ran into Gluco-Share on social media and figured we would check it out and see what it was all about. As George was in elementary school at the time, we saw great value immediately in the ability to share blood glucose reading updates during the day while he was at school. Myself, my wife, and the school nurse were on his network, and we all shared the data we all needed to help George keep his BG’s in range and keep him safe. George also was able to develop a small network of fellow T1D patients, to talk to about the T1D and how they felt and treated T1D on a daily basis. More over and what I was most pleased with, Gluco-Share gave George a platform to really take ownership over T1D and his treatment. Just wanted to share a bit of success with you.

Thank you,
George Martin



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Our Mission Statement:
To create a social media platform exclusive to those living with diabetes that facilitates meaningful friend support through it's unique communicative offerings and tangible reward incentives.

  • Did you receive an email from someone you know asking you to join Gluco-Share?
  • Or did you get a Facebook request from a Facebook friend?
  • Or did you hear about Gluco-Share and are anxious to try it for yourself?

What ever the reason or motivation that has brought you to Gluco-Share, we want to welcome you to our growing family and hope that you will use the app to help you stay consistent and frequent with your Blood Glucose readings and turn those Readings into Rewards.

If you are here to support someone you know living with diabetes, Gluco-Share has all the great features to make supporting your loved one easy and enjoyable. And you too will be Rewarded for being an advocate to those you care about.

To get started, you will need to be a member of the Gluco-Share family. The membership and app are completely free. Gluco-Share is available as an app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and can be downloaded from iTunes. Or you can access Gluco-Share via Facebook as a Facebook app.

Check out our Tutorials on Downloading and Registering. Then check out the Getting Started section. This will give you a very quick head start on how to set up and start using Gluco-Share correctly. It will make sure you are getting most out of the program and make sure you are set up to start receiving points and achievements that will lead to Gluco Points and Reward Medallions. To read about Rewards and Redeeming, see our section here.

Defining Gluco-Share

Gluco-Share is a social media application and mobile device monitoring service for persons living with diabetes and the individuals who care about them.  More than just an app, Gluco-Share is a tight community built around the principles of trust, accountability, and support among the family and friends affected by diabetes.  Through these three principles, the app’s cornerstone features of “check” “share” “reward” are implemented in novel ways to motivate all participants to attain their individual health challenge, particularly as it pertains to the frequency of checking one’s blood glucose value.

By taking special advantage of today’s latest smart-phone technologies and the social networking of programs such as Facebook, the application communicates private real time data between multiple users over multi-device platforms in fun and engaging ways through peer-to-peer notifications, chats, challenges, and rewards, without ever sacrificing the user’s privacy and security.  All its stored data is kept private to the individual, giving each user full control of how he chooses to share his information amongst each of his friends on the Gluco-Share member network.  Improved health through better communication and social support mechanisms is our goal for our members!

Gluco-Share is not another diagnostic/tracking or trending app for people living with diabetes. There are many apps available now for download that already do that well. Gluco-Share's purpose is about taking the technology already available on your smart device (chat, text, notifications and rewards) and making it smarter, more private, more secure, and much more fun for BOTH the person living with diabetes and his/her supportive friends.

The Importance of Social Support
for the People Living with Diabetes

  • GLUCO-SHARE was developed to work out more effective mechanisms for reminding and motivating persons living with diabetes to check their blood sugar and motivate their social circle to actively show support on a regular basis.

  • Despite the recognition of how important effective social support is in the successful management of the disease, no tools have emerged to put the person living with diabetes in a position of control, both in terms of how and from whom he receives this social support.

  • The daily support and understanding a person living with diabetes receives from his social circle can make a significant difference in how effective he is in managing the disease.

  • It is often the people closest to a person living with diabetes who are in the best position to help him with the management of his disease.

  • Supportive social interaction made fun with Reward Medallion mechanics and Gluco Points can contribute greatly to a person living with diabetes’ adherence to a care regimen.

Providing Social Support for the People Living with Diabetes

  • Gluco-Share's reward system is centered around the frequency of checking one's blood sugar and never about the number! Configuring the frequency of blood glucose testing results and the level of detail of these results are options the person living with diabetes may choose, depending on his/her particular relationship to that friend or parent.

  • Gluco-Share members living with diabetes and those without diabetes "check-in" daily not only with their own adherence goals, but with their friend's as well by leveraging the power of the application's CHECK, SHARE, REWARD features.

  • Members check their adherence to shared goals by reviewing their progress within their own personal challenges; all through just a few clicks on their smart device.

Rewarding Social Support for the People Living with Diabetes

  • The core service includes Rewards that reflect the degree of adherence the person living with diabetes sets for himself/herself as well as his/her non-diabetic and/or friends living with diabetes.

  • The frequency of support the social circle gives back to the individual living with diabetes is weighted to an agreed ratio of the their adherence goals.

  • The service provides methods of comparing actual results to goals on a daily basis and continuously updates the progress of reaching the reward related to that particular goal/challenge.


Parent-Child Relationship

  • Gluco-Share understands that no two children have a similar relationship with their parents when it comes to real world and real-life situations.

  • One parent's expectations of their child's compliance goals can be drastically different from another's.

  • Some kids need more encouragement while others not as much.

  • No matter what level of adherence their teenage son/daughter is at, any agreement of a challenge/reward between parent and child is invaluable.

  • Gluco-Share provides a better chance for healthy connections between the parent/child relationships in managing their diabetes and other personal health goals.