Downloading the App and Registering via Mobile Device

If you want to access Gluco-Share via your mobile device, go to iTunes on your device and download the free app. You can also search for it at the iTunes store by searching on "Gluco-Share" (don't forget the hyphen!)

Once it has installed on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch only at this time), launch the app. Before continuing, you will need to register. You will have two options to register – direct or Facebook.


We encourage you to register using your Facebook account because it is so quick and easy. Simply click on the Facebook button. You need to be logged into your Facebook account so if you are not, Gluco-Share will attempt to connect to Facebook for you and you may have to login to your Facebook account before continuing the registration process.

Once you are logged into your Facebook account you will see this screen. All that this to telling you is that Gluco-Share is going to use the information from your Facebook account to register you and to do that it will be getting the information already in your Facebook account such as email address, birth date, etc. This is required to register with Gluco-Share.

Select the "Log In" button on this Facebook page in the upper right corner.



Now you will see this screen from Facebook asking for more permissions to "Post on your Behalf". If you agree, select the "Allow All" button. If you want nothing posted, then select "Allow None".

Okay, now you are registered!


You must first look over the End User License Agreement (EULA) and the Privacy Policy. Scroll down the page to see all the text and once you have read it (and if you agree to accept the terms) select "I Accept" and you will be in Gluco-Share and ready to begin.

At this point we strongly suggest you see our section on Getting Started. This will give you a very quick head start on how to set up and start using Gluco-Share correctly. It will make sure you are getting most out of the program and make sure you are set up to start receiving points and achievements that will lead to Gluco Points and Reward Medallions. To read about Rewards and Redeeming, see our section here.




If you choose NOT to accept the EULA and Privacy Policy, select "I Reject". However, you will not be able to continue any further and you will not be able to use Gluco-Share or be a member of the Gluco-Share family. We hope you decide to Accept the terms and enjoy the membership and support that you will benefit from by being a member of Gluco-Share.